Mr Henry Yu
CEO & President, Kalloc Studios Asia Ltd
Henry Yu is a game technology expert and an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in video game industry. He is devoted to game technology innovation to enhance the quality and productivity in video game production. As the founder and CEO of Kalloc Studios USA and Kalloc Studios Asia Limited, Henry has brought his extensive game development experience, vision, innovative insights and pursuit of technology excellence to the video game industry. With his great innovation, he is seeking to bring the technology and quality to industries far beyond gaming.
Over the past years, he has been working with his development team in the United States and Hong Kong to develop titles with major publishers. In addition to the game product, the Instant Preview Game Engine, an innovative and unique game technology, has been developed. The technology was awarded with Gold Medal in the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and caught international attention. It can be utilized to produce the highest quality of games and all related 3D applications used in architectural field, city planning, rehabilitation training, e-shopping and simulation programs.